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To my dear audience, I know that this website has been not updated in a while and I sincerely apologize. I am here to announce that certain parts and graphics on this website may look "broken" or "out of place", but rest assured there are good reasons for that, as I am slowly but surely moving to re-design "Dream Infinity" as a whole from the ground up. Everything is being re-invented, new establishment of brand identity and design is being re-imagined. I have been working on a new version of this site for quite sometime, but there has been several set backs due to commercial projects taking up almost all of my working time. But please note that this website is far from dead and a lot of new changes are planned. Although I cannot promise any date in regards to when these changes will surface, you will start seeing additions of new content (primarily tutorial posts!) being added here slowly and I invite you to read them in advance before the new re-structuring takes place. In addition to content changes being made here, I invite you to always check up on my official Facebook page for up to date information on what I am up to, newest work, and the new design. I am excited to present the new changes to the world and I whole heartedly thank you for your patience.

- Chris Takakura

Destroy All Love Kind?

Date May 22, 2010 | Published by |

I know I have been really slow on website updates lately. Unfortunately I don’t have much of an excuse except for the fact that I am swarmed with freelance projects at the moment. I have some pretty high end clients on my list right now and that takes up a lot of my free time to do anything for this site. As much as I wanted to release many things in the first quarter to second quarter of 2010, I don’t really see that happening as of right now. However it is important to note that is not forgotten. Outside of wallpapers and tutorial updates, I have some notable things in plan for release within this year and the next.

I know that I have been talking and advertising my next electronic book for a while now. As a matter of fact, the first advertisement for “Hana” went up in Winter of 2008 and unfortunately it still hasn’t seen the light of day yet. “Hana” is very well into production, however, the art direction of it changed many times and now it is a matter of finding time to get it put together. Although it is quite finished in terms of the written portion of the project, I am being a bit picky with the design of it. I am hoping to release “Hana” by the end of this summer.

The highlighted point of this post is my next execution, which has changed several times during the past 5 years. Although there has been many announcements on which execution will be next under Dream Infinity Studios, I am quite certain that my romance short motion graphics film “Love Drawn Dagger” will be indeed the next execution. (NOTE: The film has gone a name change over the years and has gone from “Destroy All Love Kind” to “Love Drawn Dagger”) It has become to a point where my faithful readers and fans of this website has forgotten about the project since it has not surfaced in matter of years, but I have not forgotten about the project. One thing I have noticed is that how outdated the video format is, how outdated the technology shown in the film is, and it really needs to come out before it becomes too outdated for me to even release it. Unfortunately it was not shot in HD format. The original plan was for me to release the film, a web presentation, and a print design piece that ties in the story altogether. However from the scope and magnitude of the project, it is going to take a very long time for everything to come together. Now the plan has shifted in terms of release and I have decided that I will release it bit by bit, even if it means that I have to release just the original film cut of it (without any special effects or motion graphics). Another reason I have to do this is because the actor and actresses that starred in my film has expressed concern or notes that they may never see the project that was done with them in it. So to ease their concern a bit, I at least want to present the final edit of the film in its entirely very soon. I am not sure how I am going to deliver the project yet but it will be done nevertheless.

4 Responses to “Destroy All Love Kind?”

  1. Satsuki said:

    looking forward to seeing your projects~ sounds exciting!

  2. Psysoul said:

    It’s always hard to release big projects, saying they are done, but usually these things are never really finished, or at least they keep on living inside…

    I am too looking forward for your next projects, I guess you have some motion projects going on and some website related stuff.

    Nowadays I want to create a new portfolio and somehow release the things I create (pictures, paintings, texts too)…but it’s not easy to come up with a good idea how to show all these things.

  3. Chris said:

    The first phase is a movie, then motion graphics will follow after a while later. It is harder to find time for them then finding out how to put together for me.

  4. Rakhibul said:

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    & useful collection.It would be knowledgeable & resources are
    always of great need to everyone. Please keep continue sharing.

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