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To my dear audience, I know that this website has been not updated in a while and I sincerely apologize. I am here to announce that certain parts and graphics on this website may look "broken" or "out of place", but rest assured there are good reasons for that, as I am slowly but surely moving to re-design "Dream Infinity" as a whole from the ground up. Everything is being re-invented, new establishment of brand identity and design is being re-imagined. I have been working on a new version of this site for quite sometime, but there has been several set backs due to commercial projects taking up almost all of my working time. But please note that this website is far from dead and a lot of new changes are planned. Although I cannot promise any date in regards to when these changes will surface, you will start seeing additions of new content (primarily tutorial posts!) being added here slowly and I invite you to read them in advance before the new re-structuring takes place. In addition to content changes being made here, I invite you to always check up on my official Facebook page for up to date information on what I am up to, newest work, and the new design. I am excited to present the new changes to the world and I whole heartedly thank you for your patience.

- Chris Takakura

Latest e-book “Dolorem” to be released 2/11/2016

Date February 10, 2016 | Published by |

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Apologies, as there has been many many things going on in my life. I am far from retired in the design world and am excited to share with you my next e-book titled “Dolorem” to be released in 2 days!!

Yes, a major face lift on this site is needed, and will be done accordingly. I just can’t really give you a time frame, but have not forgotten about this site. At the current moment, I am seeking to release a beta version of this website, and go on from there.

There are other channels where you can keep up to date in regards to what I am up to. First, let’s not forget that I have a whole separate website for my portfolio. I also have a blog there too, but let’s not make the mistake, it is not a replacement for this one. More on that later.

Follow me on Instagram here. Follow me there as I update it regularly with eye candy.
You can follow me on Behance here.
My twitter feed has been busy as of late. You can follow me here.
and of course my Facebook can be found here.

Here are some images from my latest book as a preview.

dolorem by chris takakura






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