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In a nutshell, he makes pretty things.

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Christopher Takakura is a graphic designer, photographer, and visual communication artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. Outside of the creative field, he has an avid interest in psychology and sociology. He has been an artist all his life, and pursued graphic design as a possible career when he discovered the magic of Adobe Photoshop in 1996. Since then, he has immersed himself into the world of web design, where he taught himself HTML, CSS and other programming languages to help him execute his vision. He is an alumni of the infamous Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California. There he learned various design techniques and theory about graphic design and new media.

Chris is currently a designer for various companies in Los Angeles. He also runs Dream Infinity Studios as his private design studio in Pasadena, California. Dream Infinity Studios is a sole proprietorship design studio specializing in print, motion, and interactive web media specifically in the entertainment industry (short films, music, and cinematographers). The studio's sole focus is based on creative design with a strong conceptual development.

Under Dream Infinity Studios, Chris has been known to produce creative projects based on his personal psyche and psychological theories. He has been developing three projects the past five years titled, "Perplex", "Twilight Nocturne" and "The Mind Games Initiative". The core concept of these projects is to communicate the ideology of life and relationships. Although he has yet to release these three projects, he constantly strives himself to modify and improve these projects. He currently does not know when the projects will surface, but he is sure that it will have an impact within his fan base when the project goes live.

Chris has a large interest in film and movies, music, and anything that fuels his creative energy. His dream is write a book, get his book turned into a movie, and one day teach his own children about art and design theories.


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