Liang Ge

Liang Ge is a law student in California who aggressively tackles the photography medium everyday. He is known to continuously upload photography on his own photo blog. In the early 2000, Liang Ge became one of the hostee's in the realms. He used to run a site called "Jream Designs", where he pushed his digital art medium to the fullest. He re-joined as a blog author in 2008, where he contributes his knowledge and his excellent photography skills.

Emily Wattson

Emily Wattson is a journalist working in British Columbia, Canada. She has a degree in journalism from a University in Canada. She has been a fan of since 2001, trying to learn Photoshop and Indesign for her publication career. She came in contact with Chris in the year 2004 for questions about Photoshop, which started a friendship and partnership for She contributed to the site majorly as a editor for most of the Infinite Synthesis projects such as Infinite Synthesis: Dawn, Infinite Synthesis: Depereo, and the website that was released in 2006. She is currently an author for V15, and helps edit and correct Chris' blog posts.

Kjell-Roger Ringstad

Kjell-Roger Ringstad is a designer and photographer from Norway. He is working at the Mayors office in Kongsvinger with design, photography and social media. He became a fan of Chris when he first started with design in 1999 and has ever since been a friend and a loyal fan of He contributes to this site as a blog author by writing about design, music, photography and social media. He is also a contributing photographer for Chris' e-book project "Hana".

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