2 - 11 - 16
Infinite Synthesis //: Depereo
11 - 06 - 08
Infinite Synthesis //: Dawn
09 - 27 - 07

5 Responses to “E-Books”

  1. julia said:

    oh and your infinite synthesis: dawn is absolutely breath taking.

  2. Duncan Long said:

    I just discovered your design books — both beautiful (breath-takingly) and moving. Excellent work.

    Cover artist for HarperCollins’ Digital Artwork for the 21st Century.

  3. toolbox_x said:

    hi… i just discovered this site while accessing adobe illustrator tutorials… this site is wonderful and i just downloaded DEPEREO.. not only the graphics so poignant and amazing, but i can relate to the content of the articles… it is me! what a coincidence… thank you very much!

  4. stillwarm said:

    I find these beautiful and quite insightful. I look forward to more of these. There is a sense of both strength and vulnerability between the poetry and images, including the layout. This must be something very meaningful to you to create such a concept/vision and let the rest of us take a glimpse into it. Hope the rest of this continues on the same course, it’s really kinda cool! Much luck mate,

  5. Chris said:

    @stillwarm: Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there is one currently in the woks. It just takes a lot of work and time around my busy design business to create these so please be patient. Again, I appreciate the feedback.

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