Art Board Tool Tutorial (HD VIDEO)

From the video tutorial YouTube channel:

7 Responses to “Art Board Tool Tutorial (HD VIDEO)”

  1. LOU said:

    when converting a word file cover design to adobe illustrator file will color intergrity of the word file be maintained or will it change since the color format is RGB for woed and adobe is CMYK?

  2. Synergy said:

    it will change, but i am wondering how you are even planning to convert it to a illustrator file. PDF?

  3. Anonymous said:


    Is there a specific setting to turn on bleed marks? I am using CS4 on a Mac and I am only seeing the trim marks for the artboard not for the bleed.

  4. Synergy said:

    You set the bleeds using the page setup dialog box. FILE > Page setup. I will have a written tutorial on this soon.

  5. Sharie Prive said:

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  6. jaclyn said:

    HI, can you please tell me how to create a 2 page spread for a magazine ad using illustrator.. I don’t have access to indesign or else I would just use that. So far I have created a document with 2 artboards with 0 space in between and 2 columns. I am concerned about the bleed and trim areas as I am using one image that goes across both pages. I want my image to line up perfectly once printed and actually in the magazine. How do I go about doing this?

  7. Chris Takakura said:

    @jaclyn: Jaclyn, I would just use 1 art board tutorial and use guides to create the bleeds and trim area’s. There is no need to create 2 artboards if you are wanting the image to line up perfectly and if you can just print both pages out in one single paper.

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