Color & Shape Blending Tool (updated for CS4)

1. Color blending is fun and very easy to do. You can end up having cool creative shapes with the blending tool. Now for this tutorial, create two shapes separate from each other.

2. Now just go to the tool bar and select the blend tool button.

3. Now from the beginning, double click on the blend tool button (or just hit enter while blend tool is selected) and open up the dialog box. You should see the following dialog box like the screenshot above. Here are the setting details:

Smooth Color = Smooth transition
Specified Steps = You can assign the number of shapes you want inbetween the original shapes.
Specified Distance = Gives specified distance per blending object.

4. Now all you need to do is click one shape, then the other shape and it will do everything for you.

5. This one is specified steps blend in action.

6. If you want to split each morphed shape apart, go to OBJECT and EXPAND. Hit OK with both STROKE and FILL checked. Then ungroup the shapes and you should be able to move each one of them.

7. My result of spreading them apart

27 Responses to “Color & Shape Blending Tool (updated for CS4)”

  1. Nancy - News365 said:

    Thanks for the tips! Nice tutorial.

  2. Jean said:

    Nice tutorial, but is it for an older version of Illustrator?

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