Great Typographic Controls in Illustrator (HD VIDEO)

From the video tutorial YouTube channel:

7 Responses to “Great Typographic Controls in Illustrator (HD VIDEO)”

  1. deborah valentine said:

    Not a very professional tutorial.

    It would be nice if the volume were louder. I can barely hear and I have the site’s volume as well as my own all the way up.

    The speaker should organize his speaking throughout the tutorial and read from a script. Also the speaker has a cold and is continually sniffing. He also says “ummmmm” too often.

    Some of his information is good but it is so hard to listen to his awkward tutorial.

  2. Stephanie Woodard said:

    He can also NOT do these tutorials that he is providing for free too. Jesus, all people know how to do well these days is bitch and complain. Sure you can give him tips on improving his video tutorials but you are just plain rude. Not even a single word of “thank you” in your comment either. You have all the right to complain if you’re PAYING to view these resources but you’re not so I suggest you take your complaints elsewhere.

  3. Aneeqa said:

    @ Stephanie Woodward
    I 100% agree with you! I think people should respect the tutoarial authers/video makers even if it’s not useful for them. God knows how much time and effort it took them, and they did it, without any profit of some kind, only to try to teach you something and be of some help! it wasn’t doing them any good.

  4. BRIAN said:

    Nice tutorial, its very usefull for begginers like me, to get to know the workspace, thanks for sharing =)

  5. Lam said:

    My free tutorial is NOT up to my standard! When I get something for free, I expect better of the person who took the time and put the tutorial together for consumption. I didn’t do anything to contribute to society, but I expect better!

  6. DenSchThink said:

    Though I think both Ms. Valentine and Ms. Woodward are valid, I have to wholeheartedly agree with BRIAN:

    For beginners, this is a great tutorial “to get to know the workspace.”

    @ deborah valentine: Yes, a script would have made the tutorial flow better. There would have been fewer “umm”-ing, and the sniffles are a bit distracting. But, how many times have you sat in a classroom while your professor had a cold/a hangover/a lack of energy for teaching that day? What makes this tutorial great is that it’s realistic; we are not hearing Dick Clark (RIP) giving us an exciting overview of how to use Illustrator’s type tools/panels. What we are hearing is someone who firmly wants to share knowledge. And as I think more about it, if you’re so sure of the material that your only recourse is to bash the tutorial itself, why did you even bother commenting?

    @ Amanda Woodward: A free tutorial is better than a subscription, in my opinion, because the people making them are willing to say, “OOPS! I made a mistake here — which you might too — and here is how we correct that mistake.” I don’t know how many times I’ve used typographic tools in AI and other programs, only to realize that I’ve accidentally eff’d with certain aspects — or worse, went through a list of edits without actually having the text selected — and it’s nice to see a “real” face on a tutor. I find that pay-to-watch tuts lack the humanity (very much like a video version of a technical manual… very boring, very much against mistakes).

    @Lam: You honestly expect better from someone who is going to give you something for free? Well, the next time you get a free car from someone who just wants to be nice, don’t be surprised when you end up with a lemon. Not to say that tutorials shouldn’t adhere to a certain standard, but if you want tuts without real people making them, pay someone to do the voice over (and hope they know what they’re doing).

    I for one would like to thank the maker of this tutorial. It refreshed my knowledge of AIs typographic tools, and (indirectly) showed me that I am passionate about humans teaching humans.

  7. Moon said:

    Sorry Deb but I think their is something wrong with you computers sound system, this came out load and clear on mine. Great Tutorial in my opinion, straight to the point on how to use the tools that I have never really messed with much and I could understand exactly what the teacher was relaying. I actually learnt or learned something today and that is what the whole point of a tutorial is about. I’m thankfull for this lesson..;)

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