Transform Again (HD VIDEO)

From the video tutorial YouTube channel:

11 Responses to “Transform Again (HD VIDEO)”

  1. Scott said:

    thanks for the tutorial. Finally someone who explains step by step what they are doing.

  2. Synergy said:

    no problem. glad i can help :)

  3. Susie said:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I got a question not really pertaining this particular tutorial, but your tutorials in general. How do you make this yellow circle follow your mouse around?

  4. Anonymous said:


  5. Siva said:

    Very cool tut i ever seen

  6. Vince Ostertag said:

    I really like your work and enjoy the tutorials. Video is sometimes better, thanks for the help

  7. ramesh panwar said:

    thanks for this tutorials

  8. sintayheu teferi said:

    wow i like this toturial 10qs a lot

  9. Synergy said:

    glad it can help you out =)

  10. sampath - srilanka said:

    I got lot of things your tutorial..thnx lot…

  11. Ryan said:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Great help.

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