Type on a Path


1. Typing on a path can’t be any easier than it is on Illustrator. You can type on ANY TYPE OF PATH. I am using a circle as an example.

2. Choose the TYPE ON A PATH tool in your TYPE button of your tool bar.

3. Click right on the line of your path and a type cursor should appear right away.

4. Then just type away. Don’t worry about the line of your path, once you hit the line with your type on a path tool, it should just dissappear.

5. To move the type after you typed it into the path, you can move it by dragging the line beginning (labeled START on the screenshot) the type, or the end of the type (labeled END). Sometimes the lines will be jumbled together, you can usually tell which one is the START handle and END handle because both of them have white squares on it. Wherever the type ends is obviously the END handle.

6. The middle handle (labeled SIDE on the screenshot) is the handle you use to define if the type will wrap around the outside or the inside of the shape or path. Just drag the middle handle inwards of the circle for this example to wrap the type inside.

7. Now the TYPE AREA tool is another cool tool. It’s a good tool for page layout and making graphic design print projects.

8. After you select the tool, just simply select the path, and copy and paste your copy. That’s it! My result here.

17 Responses to “Type on a Path”

  1. macky said:

    hello can you give a hint? you know what i really impress your banner design. how did u make the little tiny lines? its really cute….thank you so much…

  2. Synergy said:

    Those are scan lines. You can find the tutorial here:


  3. macky said:

    Synergy OMG its really really beautiful awsome the banner of this page…wow its so amazing you are really really talented person….really creative…how i wish ill be like you one day….hehehe…im one of your fan….do you have a tutorial similar how to do this banner? really cool…everything of your banner really nice…keep up a good work…take care…more power…thanks a lot…pls pls….tutorial how to make this kind of banner…thank you so much…

  4. angel said:

    Good tutorial. I was wondering if you ever had issues with the regular text tool and the cursor not being visible inside a text box. Its there because if I type letters do appear, its just that the cursor seems to be invisible. I’m working in CS4. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. saher said:

    i face a similar prob that angel faced.. as amatter of fact i cant get the text inside the circle as suggested in step #5.. im on cs4 too.. thanks a tonne!!

  6. saher said:

    he he.. ^__^ got it!!

  7. Anonymous said:



    “To flip the direction of text along a path, drag the bracket across the path. Alternatively, choose Type > Type On A Path > Type On A Path Options, select Flip, and click OK.”

  8. Tink said:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I am having a bit of problems getting my text to flip into the circle. I made an a shape using the elipse tool, and then got my text to go around my makeshift circle. I couldn’t find the side handle to flip it into the circle. Could you reiterate that for me please? Thank you!


  9. Karl said:


  10. cookie monster said:

    you guys need to shetup and depend on yourself..

  11. Chris said:

    Someone is rude. These guys are just trying to get some help.

  12. tiN said:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. — Appreciate it!

  13. dj said:

    hahaha im posting something

  14. Anonymous said:

    @cookie monster: You need to find a spelling tutorial!

  15. Todd Truman said:

    I sort of understand till you get to point 7. I don’t see a finished product before you go to another tool.

  16. Ricardo Martinez said:

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorial, really refresh my memory when I use to do it 12 years ago, I’m a 66 years senior this will keep rejunevating my brain cells

  17. Bernice A. Johnson said:

    Wow! It’s awesome blog post here…. really very interesting for reading…..

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