Type Wrap (updated for CS4)

1. Type wrap works kind of like the AREA TYPE tool. First of all, lets say you have a paragraph of text like you see here.

2. Then make a circle on top of it, or any other shape, path or image.

3. Then go to OBJECT > TEXT WRAP > MAKE

4. Viola! Easy as ABC. You can move it around to change the rags of the text.

5. Now you can offset the wrapping distance from your image, shape or path using the options.

6. Dialog box should appear where you can change the offset setting.

7. Again, easy as ABC.

18 Responses to “Type Wrap (updated for CS4)”

  1. Santhosh Kumar said:


  2. ev said:

    in cs2 – text wrap is in object menu.

  3. Synergy said:

    yeah this tutorial was created back in 2003. excuse the spider webs on the tutorial :(

  4. jessica said:

    The tutorials are great! Problem…I’m following the “text wrap” instructions to a T and it just isn’t working. I’m about to put my head in my laptop and smash it.

  5. Synergy said:

    What version Illustrator are you on?

  6. Synergy said:

    One more note:

    Text wrap is in the OBJECT > TEXT WRAP section instead of what the tutorials say. You also have to select both objects (TEXT OBJECT + SHAPE OBJECT) and apply it.

    Again, this tutorial was written during CS1 era. I am looking to fix it in the very near future.

  7. Habib said:

    It’s really ABC. Thanks

  8. jazbro said:

    Can’t get this to work in CS3… ???

    Tried several times, did everything I could think of… nada!

    Anyone using CS3 that can walk me thru it?

  9. Mike said:

    I don’t know about earlier versions, but in CS4, the text has to be an AREA TYPE.
    Thanks for these tutorials, they’re helping me a lot!

  10. Jaya said:

    Thank you Mike. I almost give up till I read your comment, yes text has to be AREA TYPE otherwise it wont work.

  11. I.A said:

    It was because of Mike I could complete this tutorial. I was almost disappointed and thought that for CS5 there might be some other technique.

  12. Anonymous said:

    Does this work on Adobe Illustrator CS3? Same to you here Jazbro.
    Any help would be great..


  13. Anonymous said:

    These tutorials are really nice but you fail to mention what to select before you apply certain filters. Like, do I need to select the paragraph and the circle all at once or just the circle and vice versa? That is very helpful information. Thanks.

    Also I am using cs3 and it doesn’t seem to work when selecting both objects then applying the text wrap.

  14. Anonymous said:

    In CS3 I can only get the text to work inside the circle using the area type, I don’t understand how to make it wrap along the outside of the circle. Any help?

  15. Chris said:

    It’s pretty obvious from the screenshot that the circular object is selected and nothing else. You just have to select the object you want to apply the wrap. This also is not a filter effect. It is a vector expand feature in Illustrator.

  16. outkast said:


    thanks Mike
    im using CS4
    does anybody know how can i put text into an “AREA TYPE”?
    path please, many thanks

  17. outkast said:


    i found what area type means and put text inside a rectangle.
    but still i cannot do it. i cant even do abc

  18. + Basics Photoshop - Pearltrees said:

    […] Illustrator – Type Wrap Tutorial | Dream Infinity Studios / Chris Takakura | Art Direction + Design 3. Then go to OBJECT > TEXT WRAP > MAKE […]

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