Photoshop Tutorials

These Photoshop tutorials cover wide range of topics from basics of using layers, cutting out objects from backgrounds, saturation and hue to photo abstractions, special effects for digital art work, to creating typographic effects. This page also features video tutorials from the official Dream Infinity Studios YouTube Channel.

Beginning Basic Tricks in Photoshop

hue and saturation tutorial

Using the Hue and Saturation control in Photoshop. Very helpful for creating abstract digital art to manipulate color and environments. Read Tutorial…

pixel effect tutorial

Create pixelation effect using Photoshop. A simple basic tutorial covering how to generate pixel effect in your art / design work. Read Tutorial…

smart objects

Smart object is a great feature that was implemented in CS2 that lets you import Illustrator objects with a simple copy and paste. The best part about this feature is that you can go in and re-size your vector object infinitely without losing quality, all in Photoshop! Read Tutorial…

blending mode tutorial

Basic tutorials on how to apply layer blending utilizing two layers. Most abstract and digital work use some form of layer blending 90% of the time. Read Tutorial…

quickmasking tutorial

Basic tutorial covering how to use Quickmasking to cut out images from the background and etc… Master the Quickmasking tool in Photoshop for excellent results in your art / design work! Read Tutorial…

Intermediate Photoshop Tutorials

photographic abstraction I

First part of the photographic abstraction series. Learn basics and logic of creating digital abstracts using multiple photographs and typography. Read Tutorial…

photographic abstraction II

Photographic Abstraction Tutorial II: Learn to merge multiple pictures together to create digital abstract art using simple methods. Read Tutorial…

futuristic abstraction I

Create a futuristic looking abstraction using 3D rendering, Photoshop, layer blending and more. NOTE: You need to source your own 3D rendering on your own. This tutorial does not cover how to create the 3D models shown as example. Read Tutorial…

futuristic abstraction II

Part II of the futuristic abstraction tutorial. This tutorial covers typography basics in the realm of futuristic abstractions. Read Tutorial…

tv scanline

Create cool TV scan line effect utilizing Photoshop’s simple define as pattern and fill method. Read Tutorial…

flare text effect tutorial

Burn up your type. Incinerate it using the flare text effect tutorial! Learn how to colorize your type and elements without using the color palette, and just assign a color table. Read tutorial…

Advanced Photoshop Tutorials

advanced make up

Advanced make up effect tutorial. Learn how to apply eye shadow, eye liner, eye shadow glitter, lip stick, lip gloss, blush, change hair color multiple times and more. Learn how to use adjustment layers and various filter techniques. Read Tutorial…

luxury gold text effect

Create a luxurious Vegas style gold text effect with this tutorial. This tutorial covers layer effects, using gradients on text and stroke effects and how to create a sparkle effect with the use of brushes. Read Tutorial…

abstraction with perspective transform

Create abstractions with depth without using 3D programs and just your photo and Photoshop. In this tutorial you will learn how to create perspective and depth by using the Perspective Transform tool. Read Tutorial…

grunge series

Grunge tutorial series. This 4 part tutorial will teach you how to create grungy text effects and elements using photography and Photoshop. You are required to read starting from part 1 to understand part 2 ~ 4.
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

smearing text

Smearing text effect tutorial. Spice up your typography by adding this smearing glow effect in your digital art / design work. Read Tutorial…

smearing glow effect in abstractions

Add atmospheric glow in your digital art / design work using simple brushes and Photoshop filters. Also covers blending method to spice up your glow. Read Tutorial…

Photoshop Video Tutorials (For Advanced Users)

grunge series

Grunge effect video tutorial from the official Dream Infinity Studios YouTube channel. This 3 part video series will explain to you in great detail of achieving grunge effects in Photoshop using photography and brushes. High definition video.
Part I | Part II | Part III

particle beam series

This video tutorial will cover how to apply beautiful particle beam effect in your art / design work. It will go over basics of importing Illustrator vector objects and adding special effects to that object making a beam like effect. This is a 4 part video series that will explain every step on achieving the effect notoriously famous in my digital art work. High definition video.
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

photo re-touching series

Photo re-touching video tutorial will cover how to re-touch photographs with human subject matter. It will also go over highlights of applying digital make up and enhancement of the over all portrait photo that you will choose on your own. This is a 3 part video series that cover detail elements from step 1 to final. High definition video.
Part I | Part II | Part III

Case Studies

blossom storm case study
afterburner: commence

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