Abstraction with Perspective Transform

1. You can take a look at the great example of me using perspective transform abstraction method on my counterstance wallpaper.

So what is the perspective transform tool? Well simply put it, it’s a tool in Photoshop that allows you to change / shift the perspective of ANY object / photo / design to anyway you want. Now I cannot say it is the most useful transform tool in the world but it has capabilities to do some cool things.

2. Now open up a photo of your choice. It would be great if you can open a picture that has a bit of a perspective already existing. Something tall or lengthy helps too. I am going to use a picture of a crane I took in Malibu, CA.

3. Now go to EDIT > TRANSFORM > PERSPECTIVE. Little handlebars like you see on the above image should show up.

4. Now if you adjust one of the handle bars at top, it allows you to squeeze the top handles only and make a perspective out of your photo like you see on the image above.

5. As you can see here, I have already began abstracting using the same photo but with the perspective transform. I tried rotating the photo in many directions and used the perspective tool to achieve a bit of depth. I also applied the blending mode of hard light.

6. Try adjusting the brightness and contrast, erasing parts of the photo to achieve different looks.

7. Also applying a perspective transform, and then applying it again can result in some interesting effects.

8. Of course this was a fast job I did with this abstraction but you can see that a little perspective can go so far. There are many possible ways to use the perspective transform tool so using this for your abstracts and collage work is very rewarding.

4 Responses to “Abstraction with Perspective Transform”

  1. macky said:

    can i have this picture or your sample if you dont mind? thanks a lot

  2. macky said:

    Synergy its alright i dont need your pic, i just try mine..but if you have one thats better..thanks….more power

  3. manny macam said:

    nice tut chris… simple but powerful

  4. Enamul Hoq said:

    I have read many posts and get many experienced but your are doing the dedicated job keep it up.

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