Grunge I

4 part tutorial series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

1. We see all the cool art / design sites that have these cool spray painting look on their text, photo’s, backgrounds and etc. We are going to create that today just using photoshop!. Now, many artists and designers use real spray paint or ink splatters on a white paper, scan it, and then bring it into photoshop to get the real deal effect. But there are ways to do this without having to own a camera or scanner. First off we are going to apply the effect on a text as you see up top.
Make a small sized document. About 8 inches width, to 3 inches height.

2. First off we are going to create a background layer, and a type layer so do that real quick. Let’s work on this with a white background even though you can use a colored or black background if you choose to.

3. Now we are going to want to go into the brushes palette. It is usually located on the upper right hand part of Photoshop in a little tab. Now go into BRUSH TIP SHAPE and we are going to modify it to the setting you see at the image on top. First set your BRUSH TIP SHAPE to:

Diameter: 50~60px
Angle: 90 degree’s
Roundness: 32~40%
Spacing: 0~5%

4. Now we are going to make it look real grungy. Check the Shape Dynamics checkbox and then highlight it. We are going adjust it to how you see on the image.
Size Jitter: 100%
Control: Pen Pressure
Minimum Diameter: 5%
Angle Jitter: 33%~40%
Control: OFF
Roundness Jitter: 0%
Control: OFF
After that, check the AIRBRUSH and SMOOTHING checkbox’s.

5. Now we are going to create our first paint blotch. Click anywhere on the document and hold down your mouse button (or pen button) for a little bit. You can see that it will start to scatter your brush strokes all over. DO NOT MOVE the mouse. Just hold the button down on one spot only to get the paint blotch effect.

6. Now after making about 3 – 4 blotches, change your diamter to something smaller or real small to get a variety of blotches going. Please note that going higher than 60% might require you to change the ROUNDNESS of the brush. It all depends on your document size and how big you want the paint blotch to be.

7. Now we are going to apply some paint drips on the blotches to make it look a bit more realistic. Now you want to adjust the brush like the image up top.

6. Make a DRIPS layer between the type and the background layer.

7. Now you are going to want to get your brush and then draw it directly downwards from the paint blotch. This is where you must hold the SHIFT KEY down and then draw DOWNWARDS to keep the line straight.

NOTE: Remember to ALWAYS let go of the SHIFT KEY and your MOUSE BUTTON after you are done drawing each drip, or else you are going to conjoin all the lines together everytime you stroke a new line.

The result so far. As you can see I made the drips different heights. You can also change the width of the drips for more variety. I just got a little lazy on mine.

8. Now for an additional hardened effect, go to FILTER > SHARPEN > SHARPEN. Apply that 2 ~ 3 times over and over again. (Command + F)

9. My final result.

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