Grunge II

4 part tutorial series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

1. So lets start off from where we left off with the part I of this tutorial. If you followed with the previous part of this tutorial, you should have something like the image you see above. We are going to now import some photography to spice this grunge artwork.

2. Now go grab a photo. Not EVERY photo work for this tutorial so you might have to choose 2~3 photo’s to experiment. Usually flat photo’s work real well. (Graffiti wall photo’s work real well!)

3. Now we are going to DESATURATE the photo.

NOTE: Always remember to not desaturate your original photo and save it! I have made this mistake several times.

4. Make your layer order kind of like how you see above. Have the type on the very top, photo the 2nd and etc…

5. Now bring up the Brightness + Contrast option in Photoshop. (IMAGE > ADJUST > BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST). Set the brightness and contrast so that it looks like my example up above. The trick is to get some flat dirty artwork out of a photograph.

6. Now we are going to apply a layer blend mode of MULTIPLY after you are done with the brightness and contrast.

7. Now we are going to do some elimination process. First select the ERASER tool. Then go into the brush palette and choose some brush tip shape, (I prefer the 59 splatter) and then tweak the shape dynamics and spacing of the brush. This is really up to your preference.

8. Again, as I stated before we are going to do some elimination process. Get your eraser and start deleting some of the photo that you brought in. (I used a different photo from what I showed you up top. My PS crashed)

9. Now what you want to do is bring in the same or (new) photograph and then do the desaturation + brightness and contrast method again. Erase some or most of the photo with the eraser tool. The key is to play around, experiment, try new things, new eraser tips, etc. Remember that your ERASER tool and BRUSH tool share the brush palette component.

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