Grunge IV

4 part tutorial series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

1. This tutorial is going to cover some neat effects that can be done using the combination of photo’s, brushes, eraser tool, and font. We are also going to be adding some blurring effects to make it look realistic as possible. Start a new document and put any text on there.

2. Now this is where the difference comes in. We are going to change how much value we are going to put in our BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST. The 1st image shows the BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST method we used previously. Now I want you to adjust the BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST this time around so it looks like what you see on the 2nd image.

The secret to getting it the way you see on the 2nd image up top is to not too go high on the CONTRAST value. Adjust it so it looks like a high contrast black and white photo instead of a black and white ink drawing.

3. After you adjusted the contrast, apply a MULTIPLY blending mode to it. Move it around and place it where you like. Now put the photo layer UNDERNEATH the type layer.

4. Now after that is complete, we are going to do the following: 1. Duplicate your photo layer. 2. Apply a screen blending mode to that duplicated layer. 3. Put the layer above the original photo layer. Look at the image up top for an example. Now after you have finished all that, INVERT (COMMAND + I) the SCREEN layer. Now some interesting things should start happening.

5. On the previous tutorials, we used the brush tools to eliminate area’s we don’t want. Now we are using the photo to eliminate the area’s we don’t want. It’s a bit more random then using the brush but it can create some interesting results.

6. Now I am going to bring in another photo (or the same depending on your liking) and I am going to work on the text a bit. I desaturated it and adjusted the brightness and contrast as usual. So I put some solid block of dark shaded part of the photo to tie it in with the photo. I put that photo on top of all the layers.

7. I am going to select a thin line of that photo I brought in and do a SELECTION INVERSE. Go to SELECT > INVERSE and then DELETE.

8. My result so far. I am going to re-adjust the brightness and contrast again to kind of get the rich black my text has.

9. I brought in more photos, put it on top of all layers, inbetween other layers and experimented around. Also I erased some parts of the photo with different brush tips. This is what I have so far.

10. I added some ink splats, and ink drips and viola. Check out the difference of my original technique of grunge versus this one. It all depends on what you are into but you can obviously see the difference.

11. Now we are going to make the text look like it’s smearing a bit. Dulicate the text layer like you see above. RASTERIZE this type layer so we can apply effects to it. LAYER > RASTERIZE > TEXT

12. Now select the SMUDGE tool. (Press the R key on your keyboard). It could be hiding under the BLUR tool so make sure you hold that down to get the SMUDGE TOOL to appear. What you want to do with that tool is the same basic thing like what you did with the dripping paint technique. Hold down the SHIFT key and then drag your mouse straight down. Make sure you let go of SHIFT and the MOUSE button once you are done smudging one instance.

13. My final result after the smudge. Now we are going to add more dirt on TOP of everything yet again. Add or duplicate the same photo you used, SCREEN it and erase some parts if it covers your text too much.

14. My final result after the SCREEN layer on top of everything. Let me go over some colorization techniques now.

15. Make a new layer and apply that whole layer with one color (or several if you want). You can also apply that whole layer with the CLOUDS filter effect with 2 different colors. (FILTER > RENDER > CLOUDS). Then apply a OVERLAY blending mode.

16. My final result.

Download my source file. (CS2 File) [4MB .ZIP file]

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