Grunge III

4 part tutorial series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

1. This is the part III for the grunge tutorial and I am assuming you know how to create something like what you see above. We are going to go over the invert photo technique and how that works.

2. Now this is the same as before. Open up a photo of your choice like the part II of this tutorial. Flat photos of walls, textures, and natural typography works real good. Of course this isn’t always the case. There are some non-flat photo’s that work just as good.

3. Paste the photo into your grunge work. Same way like the image above. The layer order doesn’t matter. We can always move the layers around later. We are going to DESATURATE and then adjust the BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST like the part II of this tutorial.

4. Now after that is complete, your work should look something like the image above. Now we are going to move your newly pasted photo that you adjusted the BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST to the VERY TOP of your layers palette. After you do this, your whole work should be covered up by the photo you just adjusted.

5. Now after you bring the photo to the top, adjust your blending layer of that top layer to SCREEN.

6. If you did everything right, your work should look like something above.

7. We are going to go back into the brush palette and adjust it to your liking. Adjust your brush tip to something like the previous tutorials. We are going to erase the SCREEN layer now. (your photo layer).

8. You are going to erase out some parts of the screen layer because you may not like some of your text being covered up. So here it is my final result.


Grunge III: Working with big fonts

9. Working with big fonts can also be very fun. Alot of unexpected results can happen when you work with big fonts and various photos. Let’s see what I can do with this C.

10. Sometimes when you work with big text, your eraser edges may look fuzzy. Of course you can choose the hard edge brush preset > adjust the roundess and mimic the shape of the 59 splatter brush preset. However this doesn’t always look that realistic either so…

11. Go to the FILTER > SHARPEN > SHARPEN tool and sharpen it once, twice or maybe 4 to 5 times. It really depends on your size and how much you erased. Your image should look like something above.

12. Repeating the previous techniques, here is what I came up with. Experimenting with various brush sizes, making new brush tips, loading new ones, working with photo’s, fonts, sharpen, blur can make endless possibilies with grunge effects.

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