Hue and Saturation Control

1. Okay open up a existing Photo or a design you already made in the past. We will use the Photoshop’s cool Hue and Saturation control I use ALL THE TIME. Now you see the design here I used. I am going to pick up the square marquee tool, (it doesn’t have to be square, it can even be the type selection tool!) and then I am going to apply a different color.

2. And then now go to IMAGE > ADJUST > HUE/SATURATION or just make it easier for yourself and press Command + U. And you should get the Hue/Saturation control dialog box. Experiment with the levers. And also experiment with the Saturation and Lightness control to get the right tone you want going.

3. Viola! That’s it. I made this cool little square block design. It’s that easy. You can colorize black and white drawings to color by clicking on the COLORIZE checkbox and adjusting the HUE and SATURATION for black and white images.

4. Again it works with all selection tools. So yes you can even do it with the magic wand tool like you see here.

NOTE: Please remember that you DO NOT need to use any selection tool to use the Hue and Saturation control. This tutorial was just to show an example of changing the color to a portion of a photo.

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  1. Sumon Chowdhury said:

    Yeah great helpful option for color balance or color change in photoshop. Very helpful tutorial for beginners graphic designer, thanks for sharing.

  2. Enamul Hoq said:

    It’s very authentic post and very informative it will help us.

  3. Rakhibul said:

    I am a graphics designer. so I think Your post is very useful for every designer.It is very informative post.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  4. Nasrin said:

    Great I’m appreciate this helpful tutorial for photoshop beginner also for me.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Your Design collection is are using that is very useful and helpful,Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

  6. Admrle Jones said:

    Thank you so much my friend this is great information and good ideas i like it i will share it with my other friends good luck for the next.

  7. atreo jony said:

    Fantastic tutorial for hue and Saturation.I think it’s help for Photoshop learner …

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