Layer Blending

1. First of all, get two photo’s of your choice and then cut one of them up and paste it on the other. I used a picture of the beloved Katie Holmes as an example.

2. Now layer blending work like this. The circled section of the LAYERS tab is where it all works at. You can drag the drop down menu and select your options. This controls blending, color dodge, burn, and light fades in that layer. It only works with layers. No backgrounds.

3. Here is an example I made. A little page layout here and there. Add some type to spice up your layout.

4. You can apply many things. Try experimenting and see how far you can go with this option. Now REMEMBER, this doesn’t have to be with photos only. It can work with almost anything.

4 Responses to “Layer Blending”

  1. jerry said:

    Very simple n a great way of teaching!

  2. jerry said:

    Very simple & a great way of teaching!

  3. Développeur web indépendant said:

    One word … actually 2 words!

    Keep going guys!

  4. Enamul Hoq said:

    Your tutorial is awesome and very informative

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