Luxury Gold Text Effect

final gold text

1. This tutorial is going to cover a gold text effect that is different from other gold text effects out there. This was hugely inspired by the luxurious look Las Vegas hotels have on their hotel names. The above screenshot is the final result we are going to achieve.

gold text effect

2. We are first going to start off with the background color. Although this not mandatory, but it sets the mood for the tutorial. So, I first create a background using the radial gradient effect using layer effects with a bluish green and black background. I created a nice spotlight effect.

gold text effect

3. Now we are going to create a text layer above the background. Try to choose a Serif font (i.e Times New Roman, Garamond, Caslon, etc…) as it works best with this tutorial. Lay the text layer down with white text.

gold text effect

4. You should have two layers like the screenshot above.

gold text effect

gold text effect

5. Now lets apply the first gold effect onto the type layer. Try to mimic the screenshot above in terms of settings. The gradient color is achieved using 4 different color swatches. We are going to try to layout the gold blend evenly on the top of the text and bottom.

gold text effect

6. This is the result you should have so far.

gold text effect

7. Now go back to the text layer effect window and click on the STROKE option. We are going to apply a unique settings to this layer effect. Again, try to mimic the screenshot above on your settings. Notice the fill option has a gradient selection applied. Make sure to do this on your version.

gold text effect

gold text effect

8. Now we are going to apply a lot of details here. Try to copy the screenshot above in your gradient selection of your STROKE option of your layer effects window. You might have to play around with the palette placement for your gradient based on the size of your text, font, and spacing. Keep practicing!

gold text effect

9. Try to mimic the screenshot above yet again. We are now applying a bevel to your text. Again, this may take a few tries depending on the font, size, and other things that you chose.

gold text effect

10. We are now going to apply a faint drop shadow to our text. These settings can be different yet again for you, but it shouldn’t be that different drastically.

gold text effect

11. This is my result so far. We are going to apply some glow and bells and whistles.

gold text effect

12. Now make a new layer and name it “glow”.

gold text effect

gold text effect

13. Now we are going to choose an appropriate size brush with no hardness around the edges. We are going to make some glowing balls around the text like you see on the above screenshot.

gold text effect

gold text effect

gold text effect

14. Now make a new layer called “sparkle”. We are going to create some sparkles inside the glowing balls. First thing first, choose a brush size of “1” with blurry edges. Look at the screenshot above of the brushes palette for the settings I have. After you make the new layer, get the pen tool and draw a diagonal line like the screenshot above.

gold text effect

15. After you do all that, right click on the path you just drew and hit STROKE PATH in the right pop up menu.

gold text effect

16. After you do choose that option, a window should pop up with options. Mimic my screen shot 100%. You want to “simulate brush pressure”.

gold text effect

17. Now duplicate the layer you just created by right clicking on the “sparkle” layer and selecting “duplicate layer”. We are going to take that layer and EDIT > TRANSFORM > FLIP HORIZONTAL. Your sparkle should now look like a star, if not, cross the sparkle line together to make it look like a cross.

green text effect

gold text effect

18. Merge the layers together once you feel like you have the best looking sparkly star. Once you merge the layers, you should be able to resize, rotate, and move them around together as one single unit like you see on the screenshot above.

gold text effect

19. Apply a Gaussian Blur after you composed all the sparkles where you want it to be. This makes the sparkle look more brighter.

OPTIONAL: You can create a duplicate layer of each sparkle and stack it exactly on top of each other. Then blur one sparkle that is UNDERNEATH the top sparkle layer to create a more brighter effect. This usually depends on how your composition is put together.

gold text effect

Final result.

18 Responses to “Luxury Gold Text Effect”

  1. Anonymous said:

    this is awesome!

  2. Valentine said:

    Luxury Gold. Just too cool. Thank you. Just found your site. Came upon it indirectly while searching for illustrator and photoshop tutorials.
    Who Dat • New Orleans Saints

  3. Chris said:

    Thanks for the kind word kinds :)

  4. OTBDesign said:

    Nice tut – however, I had some trouble in trying to stroke the path – no matter what i tried – couldn’t make it happen. (I am using CS3?)

    So I took a less complicated route.

    I used a soft brush to add the highlights – then the smudge tool to create the ‘star’ effect.

    I haven’t got the long, hard strokes of light the same – but it is still very effective and I am very pleased with the result.

    Many Thanks for the overall tutorial.

  5. Chris said:

    Hmm that is odd that it did not work. I went in to make sure I can do it and I did it just fine. Did you double check the brush settings? You need to have a 0% hardness 1px brush point, and then draw the path using the pen tool. After that is done, just right click and stroke path and that should do the trick. Unfortunately this tutorial was written with CS4 so it can possibly be that CS3 is different but I am not sure, as I discontinued using CS3 on my machine.

  6. OTBDesign said:

    Hi chris..and many thanks – will try again!
    Was also wondering if I may ask – how can I put an image onto another such as a fabric texture with creases? I had this before – but like most things if you don’t use it all the time, then you simply forget….can you help?

    Many Thanks

  7. Luxury Gold Text Effect : said:

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  8. Advanced make up tutorial | Dream Infinity Studios / Chris Takakura | Art Direction + Design said:

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  9. Robert said:

    I am also using CS3 and was having problems with the stroke path, I saw the option when I right clicked but it was grayed out and would not let me select it.

  10. Chris said:

    @Robert: Are you doing it on a new layer? You have to do it on a new layer for this to work. Also, it maybe a good idea to have the path panel open and then you can just click on the arrow button on the paths panel and do stroke. Try to do it on a new photoshop document and if anything, you can create the star glare on a new document, copy that image, paste it into the document you are working on and use blending modes such as screen or multiply depending on the background of your graphic. You can also make a transparent new document, create the glare, and just cut and paste into your working document and have the transparency carry over.

  11. Jason said:

    Thanks a million for this! Got stuck on the stroke path part, because it wasn’t working. But that’s because I’m half asleep and didn’t realize I had to make two points with my PEN tool, not just one point dragged out. In the end of it all, it looks awesome!

    Thanks again!

  12. Greg said:

    Awesome tut. I was just wondering, can you put out the color codes for the colors you used in the swatch?

  13. Randal said:

    I have no idea how you made that gold color. Could you explain in more detail?. Thanks.

  14. Carlos said:

    So..probably not checking this anymore, but in case anyone is..and someone figured it out… LOL (great tutorial by the way) I’m stuck @

    17. Now duplicate the layer you just created by right clicking on the “sparkle” layer and selecting “duplicate layer”. We are going to take that layer and EDIT > TRANSFORM > FLIP HORIZONTAL. Your sparkle should now look like a star, if not, cross the sparkle line together to make it look like a cross.

    I cannot Flip Horizontal at all, am i missing something? I followed everything to per your guide, I stroke the path (I cant tell if it’s happening or not.. then I can’t do anything after :(!) I’m using CS5 if that makes a difference, perhaps it s something to do with the pen tool..? something about it just being a single line..? because if I add/connect to it it lets me do it -.-” flip it that is, after stroking said path.. anyways here’s to hoping someone still checks this! :)

  15. Chris Takakura said:

    @Carlos: You should be able to go to EDIT > TRANSFORM AND FLIP honestly. Not sure why you are not able to do it. Is it greyed out or are you telling me you cannot find it? It might be that you are not connecting one side to the other side of the points.

    Yes we still check this but hard at work on a re-align/re-design of the site.

  16. Terrie said:

    Not giving the color codes is rough. I could not do this tutorial, my goal was to have it look exactly like the picture and I can not do that without having the right colors. Creating a gradient from scratch is not a quick task.
    This was not a useful tutorial for me.

  17. Eineia said:

    O que realmente importava que era a cor, infelizmente voce não falou, o restante se encontra em qualquer tutorial

    inutil pra mim

  18. Enamul Hoq said:

    Many many thanks for your nice post. this is really very helpful

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