Pixelation Effect

1. I made this tutorial because I get SO MANY questions in how I do the pixel effect on my photographs. Many probably already know but this is to all the people that don’t know. Here we go. Here is a old picture of my old friend. Now I am going to pixelate this image.

2. Go to FILTER > PIXELATE > and MOSAIC. And then start messing with the options on the MOSAIC screen. It’s not hard. There is only one setting to mess around with. So you should get it in a snap. That’s it! Here we go. Blocky picture at your service. You can do it with other color photo’s which makes a cool effect. Also try blurring it as well. It makes some funky blocky smudges.

3 Responses to “Pixelation Effect”

  1. macky said:

    Synergy how are you? just wanna ask whats the use of this sample? pls give me a hint…thanks a lot..more power

  2. Enamul Hoq said:

    I am the fan of your writing i have read your previous post

  3. atreo jony said:

    i am really don’t know about this but now get clear idea to reading your tutorial..So thanks…

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