Smearing Glow Text Effect

1. I am going to show you how to smear text effect and create a cool glow effect in Photoshop. Lets say we’re are working on a wallpaper. Open up any photo you like and put in any type you like.

2. We are going to apply a overlay on the text. Do NOT rasterize the layer yet. Now in certain photo’s you use, OVERLAY may not work so you can skip the LAYER BLENDING option if you like.

3. Now you want to duplicate the text layer. (LAYER > DUPLICATE LAYER) After you do that, go to LAYER > RASTERIZE > TEXT. Or just right click on the text layer and choose rasterize and make it editable. MAKE SURE that your duplicated layer still has the OVERLAY blending mode. If you didn’t apply the OVERLAY mode, you can skip that part.

4. Now add a GAUSSIAN BLUR on that layer going to FILTER > BLUR > GAUSSIAN BLUR. Now many people will say, why not just use the LAYER EFFECTS to blur the edges? Well that is another method you can do and LAYER EFFECTS do give you the option to adjust the blur later on if you like so, yes you can use LAYER EFFECTS instead.

5. Now DUPLICATE the BLURRED layer. Your text should look like something on top. Now the fun begins! We are going to smear the layer you just DUPLICATED.

6. Now go to the SMUDGE tool. It is usually hidden in the BLUR tool so hold down that tool to reveal the SMUDGE TOOL.

7. Now here is the trick to this. Get the smudge tool, choose a brush size that will cover the whole text preferbably like you see up top. Now click on one end of the text, LET GO OF THE MOUSE BUTTON. Then hold the SHIFT KEY and click on the other side of the blur layer. Now you can do it the manuel way and drag the mouse from LEFT to RIGHT or visa versa like the arrow you see up top.

8. Now if everything went well, you should see a smudge like how I have it up top. It might be good to play around with differrent STRENGTH values Photoshop lets you adjust.

NOTE: What is the difference between this method and motion blur? Well the different is, the text shape retains it’s shape in comparison with the motion blur. Again this really depends on how you play with the STRENGTH option of the SMUDGE tool.

My final result.

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