TV Scanline Effect

1. Above is a picture i’m going to use for this tutorial. Open up any picture of your choice, any size. Make sure you make a new layer and call it TV SCAN.

2. Now after you open up your photo, put that aside for a bit, and make a new document in Photoshop. FILE > NEW. Now it’s really important to set your document size to the right size. Your width can really be anything you want (I would keep it around 10~50px), but your height needs to be 2 pixels. Nothing else. Make sure the PPI is set to 72. And background to TRANSPARENT.

3. Now I know your document is going to be really tiny like you see above. We are going to zoom in REALLY closely and work on this little piece.

4. Now we are going to zoom in to 1600% of this document. After you have done this, select the LINE tool and draw a 1pixel height line across the whole document like you see on the 1st image above. Don’t worry if the line looks like it’s translucent.

5. After you’ve done that, merge all layers together. (CTRL + SHIFT + E on PC, COMMAND + SHIFT + E on MAC.) Now select all (COMMAND + A on MAC, CONTRL + A on PC) using the SQUARE MARQUEE TOOL. After you do that go to EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN. It should pop up a dialog box asking you to name your pattern. Name it TV SCAN.

6. Now let’s go back to the photo you were going to use. Make sure you have 2 layers. One is the original photo and the other is called TV SCAN. Make sure the TV SCAN layer is on top. Now go to EDIT > FILL. A dialog box like the one above should show up. Go to the contents box and select PATTERN. Then in custom pattern drop down, it should let you select the recently created transparent pattern. The pattern should be called “TV SCAN”

7. My final result. Now with your new tv scan layer, you can adjust your opacity to tone down on the lines if you wish.

7 Responses to “TV Scanline Effect”

  1. Genius art said:

    good tanks

  2. macky said:

    Synergy i almost got it but the my problem is, after i draw the line then i select all, when i go to edit i cant click define pattern, why is that? thanks…i enjoy your tutorial a lot…thank you

  3. macky said:

    Synergy i have a good news…hehehe…gotcha! i got it just now theTV Scanline Effect…im so so happy…yeheey…thanks a lot….more power

  4. John said:

    I had the same problem that Macky mentioned. “Define Pattern” is grayed out and I can’t click it after I draw the line. How do I fix this?

  5. Synergy said:

    are you sure it’s all in 1 layer? when you create a shape it makes a layer for you. you also need to rasterize the layer (right click > rasterize) then make sure all the layers are together and define the pattern.

  6. eniarrol said:

    hello! good tutorial. i think this one’s what i needed… but, there’s a problem.. i only have one pattern! i think it’s the bubble pattern?? uhmm.. how can i have the other styles?/ please help!! thanks!

  7. Enamul Hoq said:

    This tutorial is very helpful for me but i think it will be very helpful for all categorizes beginner

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