10 Ways To Fix A Squeaky Bed

squeaking bedThere is nothing worse than losing sleep because your bed squeaks every time you move. Here are a few suggestions to help you eliminate the frustration and get some rest.

The box springs in your bed could be a racket culprit. You can flip the box spring over and identify the noisy springs by pressing on different parts of the box spring. If a noisy spring is found, tear a portion of the fabric that covers the springs and use WD-40 or another oil to coat the springs.

Using corks in a wooden bed frame can also prevent noise. Insert pieces of cork between the frame and the mattress.

If you’ve found that it’s the castor wheels causing the noise on your bed, buying plastic wheel covers will prevent the squeaking that is caused by the original metal castors.

Remove friction

Removing friction by inserting a piece of cloth (old socks or t-shirts would work great!) between the frame and the mattress. You can also reduce noise by putting a book under the mattress and the bedspring to reduce the noise caused by the rubbing between the frame and the mattress.

Even frame or mattress out

The cause of a squeaky bed can also be due to an uneven frame or mattress. Try rotating the mattress 180 degrees so the head of the mattress is now at the foot.

It could be that your frame is sitting on the bedroom floor unevenly. Make sure the legs of the frame are even. A piece of wood can be placed underneath a frame leg in order to even out the way the frame sits.

Last Resort

If these hints aren’t fixing your squeaky bed problem, it may be that you need a new mattress or bed frame. Over time the bed frame can simply be wore out from long time use. This should be considered a last resort, but it may be the ultimate culprit.